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(Prints Front and Back Cover, Flaps and Inside above Flaps)

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Ideal for high schools, districts and clubs. Used for orientation, communication, listing of school rules, guidance information and much more.

Ink Coverage

Choose between light to medium ink coverage, heavy/flood ink coverage on the front OR back side, or flood/heavy ink coverage front AND back.


All Student Handbook Folders are printed on durable white cover stock, and coated with a protective coating to make them water and soil resistant.

Front Cover Artwork

Our prices include preparation of final artwork from your furnished art. Art may be furnished on a disk or by e-mail as an EPS or PDF file. Also files may be uploaded. If using kids art, please provide a black & white and a colored version. A sketch can be sent and our art department will clean it up.

Text: Overview

We accept text by e-mail in a word file. Languages other than English or Spanish must be provided print ready as a PDF file. Spanish will be formatted from your text file. Indicate text position by labeling it inside above flaps, on flaps, and on back cover. It is not necessary to try to fit your copy on the folder... that's our job!

Text: Repeat Orders

When reordering the Student Handbook Folder, the changes can be submitted by either of three methods - (1) by submitting a copy of the last folder with changes indicated, (2) by correcting the text file of the previous folder in your computer and submitting the revised file on disk (with accompanying print out) or (3) E-mail your word file to us. However, it is always helpful to indicate where the changes were made.

Text: Back Cover

The back cover receives a great deal of day to day exposure. Consider this for items that the student would need more frequently, such as bell schedules, maps or advertisements. If a campus map is to be used, please be sure art is clean and text is legible.

Text: Proof Reading

Proofs will be sent via e-mail for your approval. Please review carefully all spelling, placement of text and art issues. Once the entire proof has been checked, you will need to e-mail approval. Additional proofs may incur additional charges.

Ink Colors

Choose what colors you wish to use; white being the color of the paper, it is not considered when counting ink colors. The flaps are printed in the same color as the cover of one-color folders and in the darker color of two-color folders. The text above the flaps is printed in black ink.


We've designed the order form to ask all the questions we need to process your order. If using a purchase order, many districts will allow the order to be sent to us at the time your requisition is submitted. We will send a confirmation letter, by mail, fax or e-mail, or call if we have questions. Summer orders require at least one home phone number. DO NOT FAX YOUR TEXT. If sending order via e-mail, the order form must be faxed at approximately the same time.

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