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Perfect for use as an orientation folder, communication folder, conference folder and your other presentation folder needs.

Ink Coverage

Choose between light to medium ink coverage, heavy/flood ink coverage on the front OR back side, or flood/heavy ink coverage front AND back.


All custom-printed folders are made of heavy white cover stock (14 point).


All custom-printed folders are given a water-resistant and protective coating. The coating creates a semi-gloss finish (unless film laminated).

Requirements for Artwork Submission

  • Acceptable file formats are InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator (.ai or .eps), PhotoShop, and PDF and must not be separated.
  • All images and graphics placed or linked in the artwork must be sent.
  • Color or grayscale images must be at least 300 dpi at final size.
  • Line art or black and white images must be at least 1200 dpi at final size.
  • The document size must be the flat (unfolded) size of the folder to be ordered.
  • All panels front cover, back cover, etc.), pockets, flaps, etc. must be the correct size for the folder to be ordered and must include any bleeds.
  • A composite color proof must be sent with the folder order for all color jobs.
  • Color separated proofs (such as output from a laser printer) may be sent in lieu of a composite color proof as long as a composite grayscale proof is also sent.
  • Multicolor artwork which uses any combination of inks, spot varnishes, spot UV coatings, foils, and embossing must be built to output correctly as spot colors.


All estimated freight charges are to be prepaid. The actual freight costs will be determined on the day of shipment and a debit or credit will be added to the final invoice. For estimated shipping cost see our shipping chart.

Business Card Slits (optional)

Four small slits designed for holding a business card, may be added to the right or left pocket. At no additional charge you may also choose to add Business Card slits to both pockets. Please specify either a horizontal (3-1/2" x 2") or a vertical (2" x 3-1/2") slit design.

Brochure or CD slit (optional)

A horizontal 5" slit, designed for holding small brochures, index or proxy cards, product samples, CDs, etc., may be added to the left or right pocket. At no additional charge you may choose to add horizontal 5" slits to both pockets. The slit is located and centered on the pocket(s).

Order Form (required)

We ask that your order be accompanied by a completed Custom-Printed Folder order form (even if you use your own purchase order form). The questions asked on the order form are unique to this product and may not be answered on a regular purchase order.

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