9-12 Place a School Folder Order

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You can place an order online or download a PDF to print and fill out, then fax, or mail your order to us.


1) Complete order form
2) Provide us with your artwork

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1) Download order form (.pdf)
2) Print, fill out, and mail or fax order form
3) Provide us with your artwork

Step 1

Guidelines for Atrwork Requirements and Placing an Order

1) Submit or fax in your order form. If the District is being billed the Purchase Order must be received before order can be shipped. Choose one of the order methods above.

2) Artwork Requirements: Send the digital files for your artwork through our website, by email, fax (for some text only documents), or mail a disk. You will be prompted to provide your file/files for transfer at the end of the order placement process.  For small artwork files you may choose to email the file to orders@schoolfolderfactory.com.

Click here for more on Artwork Requirements.

3) Please indicate daytime phone, fax and contact person.  A customer service representative will contact you after receipt of your completed order form.

4) Promotion Policy: We reserve the right to use all products we produce for our own advertising unless you specify otherwise, in writing at the time you place your order. 

5) We accept Visa, Master Card or American Express.